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About us

Get to know our company

Katia Builders Co. has grown and developed under the direction of founder, Mr. Deepak  Katia ( B- Tech and M- Tech in Civil Engineering ) to become an established and recognised company in all sectors of the building industry. We know that our success in providing quality general contracting services has always been dependent on the talent and commitment of our employees.


Katia Builders Construction Company is a highly-specialized construction company with core competence in Building Construction, Civil Infrastructure, Complete Interior Work, Fire Fighting, High End Electrical Work complete in all respects, roads and landscaping. Located in Mohali, Punjab. It serves both government and private sectors with unparalleled engineering skill, professionalism and strong commitment for each and every project. For over years, it has built a reputation as the most valuable construction company in Punjab by delivering turnkey construction projects of varying sizes to every part . In recent year, Katia Builders has expanded its construction activity to many other locations in INDIA.


KB has been instrumental in executing some of the most impressive infrastructure projects. KB has massive construction equipment and modern technology. KB’s fleet is constantly upgraded and kept to the highest technological and mechanical standards by management personnel and top engineers. In addition, IT acts as agent for several companies and agencies in Punjab and adjustment places. Recently,KB has developed a series of relationships with major construction companies to further expand its capabilities.



Competitive tendering, professional management, quality construction, an excellent safety record, a proven ability to meet exacting programmes, and our co-operative & proactive approach, have ensured the satisfaction of Design Teams and clients in both the public and private sectors.

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